Moriarty’s Centra Kingdom of Kerry Rally ‘series’ going ahead this year – only rally series to run in Republic of Ireland in 2021

The Moriarty’s Centra Kingdom of Kerry Rally Series will go ahead this year.

The series, it cannot be known as a championship this year, will be the only rally series to go ahead in the Republic of Ireland this year and outside of the Norhthern Ireland Rally Championship only one of two competitions of their kind to run on the entire island of Ireland since 2019.

This will be the third year of the Kingdom of Kerry and while a scoring system has yet to be fully devised it will be based on class performances over both the Banna Beach Resort Kerry Winter Rally and the Rentokil Initial Killarney Historic Rally.

It will be open to any competitor who has a Kerry address on their competition licence and who are members of either club based in the county. Results from both rallies will be counted without dropped scores.

As with previous years , registration is free and the series will be run without any additional expenses placed on organising clubs, this is made possible by sponsors, Moriarty’s Centra and Centra Ireland.

A prizegiving event will take place over the Christmas period but this event will be based on whatever restrictions may be in place at that time – and such restrictions may determine the size of the venue or the crowd.

More details will be announced shorty…

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