Denny Greaney’s unique KMC record on Saturday’s Bushwhacker

Denny Greaney will set a unique record on Saturday’s Bushwhacker Rally.

Given all that has happened over the last 20 months or so (or more to the point – what hasn’t happened) Denny will become the first member of Kerry Motor Club to tackle a rally stage on Irish soil since the Birr Rally in February 2020.

Yes, there has been other rallies in Norhthern Ireland this year but the Kerry entrants on such events are members of Killarney and District Motor Club.

Other KMC members, Noel O’Sullivan for example, has contested rounds of the British Rally Championship but he hasn’t competed in Ireland this year.

Denny himself has contested the two rally sprint events that ran in Laois and Carlow since the restrictions began to be lifted in June but Saturday Omagh Motor Club event is his first stage rally since the Killarney Historic Rally in 2019.

Several Kerry Motor Club members are entered in Sunday’s Cork ‘20’ (preview for that event will be published on Saturday) but Denny will start an event 24 hours in advance of his club mates.

So, Denny is the first KMC member to contest an Irish rally post-pandemic!

He is alongside Mark Murphy in a Subaru Impreza.

“Its great to be back on proper stages. I can’t wait to get going as I really like and enjoy the loose,” Denny told Kerry Motorsport News.

“The Bushwhacker should go well as the car is new car to Mark He has done the ‘whacker’ for last 10 years. We are really looking forward to it. The stages are fantastic and it is nice to be back in the woods.”  


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