Milestone week: 100,000 visitors to Kerry Motorsport News this year!

Two major milestones will be hit this week – and as Kerry Motorsport News approached its second birthday in October

This week we will publish our 732nd story – that is an average of more that one a day and an average that will increase before our second birthday. Not bad after the year we had when nothing happened – what will be it like for year ahead? Busy!

This week we will also hit the 1000,000 visitors. On Monday evening, as this was been written, the figure was at 99,231 so, at a guess the 100k mark will be broken by Tuesday.

I must be doing something right for once!

But it takes a lot of time and effort to keep it going.

I know I have been on about a PayWall for months and it is coming!

This is the only County-dedicated motorsport website in the whole of Ireland. This week alone we will be covering close on 20 events (either preview pieces or reports) from at least six different countries.

Yes there is Kerry interest all over the world.

This is one of the final calls to invite members before the Paywall is installed.

However, if you sign up for membership before the wall is installed you will be a member for life

(Huge thanks to all who have joined up already – the support is appreciated.

Everyone who signed up for the full fee will get an email in the next few weeks explaining how to bypass the Paywall – you are all members for life as a thank you for your initial support

Once the Paywall is installed it will still be possible to join the website via a monthly or annual re-occurring fee.

Thanks, see some of you at Cannonball and the Cork ‘20’ this weekend. See more of you at Mondello for the Dunlop Masters the weekend after.

Sign up here:  

Become an official Kerry Motorsport News supporter

Become an official Kerry Motorsport News supporter Here is your chance to become a supporter of Kerry Motorsport News Keep this important service – (the only county dedicated motorsport news site in Ireland) – on the air. Only €5.00 per month or €50 for a full year (12 months) Just select 1 or 10 in the dropdown menu below thank you!


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