EXCLUSIVE: Kerry’s Motorsport Adventure Park takes a step closer to reality after pilot event

EXCLUSIVE: Kerry’s Motorsport Adventure Park takes a step closer to reality

The possibility of setting up a full time and dedicated off-road motorsport activity centre in North Kerry took a step closer towards reality today (Sunday this week.)

There are plans in place to build -slowly but surely – an off-road motorsport facility on the grounds of the wind farm near Banemore in the Stacks Mountains.

The old Hot Rod short oval is now part of the windfarm complex and it is hoped that the site’s  internal roads can used for all forms of off-road motorsport.

The site is currently owned by Mark Sheehy, a motorsport enthusiast, and his business partner, Niall Gunn.

Niall has a background in motorsport driver-management, event promotion and circuit management.

Between them they have a vision to turn to the wind farm and its roads into an off-road motorsport adventure park.

It is possible to run Moto Cross and Motorcycle Enduro style events in there. There is also a possibility of running autocross style events on the site (Kerry Motor Club has already examined the site with such a view under consideration) and eventually run longer, single stage forestry or gravel rallies in there.

Other plans include the re-launch of the Hot Rod track and the creation of a drift slab in the internal part of the circuit.

All of these things take time and money but Niall made the first “baby steps” on the site on Sunday morning.

Around 30 local Moto Cross and Enduro Riders were invited to participate in an off-road practice event – a pilot event for all the world – to assess the potential of the stie.

Sunday’s event was fully permitted by Off Road Motorsport UK, a governing body that looks after off road motorcycle events all over Ireland and the UK.

Sunday’s event also included the presence of a Red Cross ambulance and crew.

“Baby steps, one thing at a time,” Niall told Kerry Motorsport News. “There is nowhere for people to go, this is it.”

Niall is aware that there are complaints, at local political level, on the use of motorcycles and quads on local beaches.

Pre-event briefing

“This is the solution to that,” he added, “I hope the politicians will back what we are trying to do here and not put more problems in our way.”

He admitted his long-term plans will take a long time to get off the ground, however Sunday’s practice and untimed event could lead to an official motorcycle competition taking place there before the end of the year with a view to expanding into car events next year.

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