Q&A with Craig Breen ahead of Rally Roma di Capitale

Q&A with Craig Breen ahead of Rally Roma di CapitaleThe Team MRF Tyres driver has completed the test day ahead of the first FIA ERC round on tarmac for 2021

Craig Breen is back this weekend for Rally di Roma Capitale, the third round of the 2021 FIA European Rally Championship. We talk the Irish ace at testing.
Team MRF Tyres – Hi Criag, back on tarmac for the FIA ERC at Rally di Roma Capitale for Team MRF Tyres. The first tarmac event of the season.
Craig Breen – It is the first rally this season on tarmac. Let’s see what’s been done since the last event on time in the Canaries last year. So we will discover where we are after last year. It looks to be going good. It looks it has been progress made. It will be a nice rally this weekend.

Team MRF Tyres – We are in Italy last year, but a few changes to the to the route this year. So what are your expectations? I guess, for speed and results for team and MRF Tyres?

Craig Breen – It’s going to be a tough event. Very hot, hot weather on the way and difficult stages. But yeah, so the 50% new compared to last year, relatively similar to 2019. So and didn’t do the rally then. The rally has nice roads but unfortunately, the Pico stage that we did quite well on last year is not in it this yea . So that’s a bit of a bummer. But I am looking forward to it.
Team MRF Tyres – Coming off podiums in Latvia and then for you in Estonia. How do you feel coming into the weekend?
Craig Breen – It’s been a good few weeks. A bit tired. Honestly. I’ve been on the road since Poland and I have been going from event to event. So you know hectic – , don’t get me wrong, It is nice! You know, there’s plenty of momentum behind it but it’s starting to catch up with now. We’re looking forward to this weekend. Hopefully we can do another good result and try and build on the speed that we had in the in in the last two rounds of ERC and see if we can do here.
Team MRF Tyres – And finally for the fans to watch out for on the on the TV got a lot of hairpins this weekend. A lot of twisty stuff. A bit of open stuff. What should they look out for?
Craig Breen – It’s like many rallies here in Italy. I am doing double duty Italian Championship. The roads are really nice. Yeah, twisty, twisty tarmac to the mountains with a lot of a lot of grip usually. Yeah, should we spectacular rally nice backdrops, pastures and race villages in nice little little towns you on the road so it’s a nice event.


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