Breen and Nagle’s first European Rally Championship podium for MRF Tyres

Team MRF Tyres hard work has been rewarded with second place and a podium in Rally Liepaja, the first for the team since entering the European Rally Championship in 2020.

It was a hard fought podium with Craig Breen and Paul Nagle battling against Europe’s best throughout the day.

The day’s action saw six stages and 90.92km of action in warm and sunny conditions on roads around the Latvian coastal town of Liepaja.

The Team MRF Tyres Hyundai i20 R5 started the day in second place, involved in a great fight with Nikolay Gryazin/Konstantin Aleksandrov (VW), Efrén Llarena/ Sara Fernández (Skoda) and Alexey Lukyanuk/Dmitriy Eremeev (Citroën). Just 13.4 seconds separated the four cars.

The day started with the 18.42km Neste stage. The roads on Saturday differed from the previous day with a harder surface being presented to the drivers.

Breen and Nagle came in third in the stage with a time of 9:18.2, just 3.4 seconds off the lead.

The pace was repeated on the second stage of the day, with Breen/Nagle taking second just 3.1 seconds off the stage win on the Invest in Liepaja! stage.

Third on stage nine, solidified Team MRF Tyres second place going into the final service. With just three stages remaining, Breen and Nagle sat in second 15.2 seconds off Gryzain/Konstantin in the lead and 16.0 seconds ahead of Lukanuk/Eremeev in third.

After final service, the need to push still existed. All of the drivers were at 100 percent, and there would be no room for mistakes.

SS10 saw a repeat of the Neste stage with Breen/Nagle coming home in fifth, 3.9 seconds off the stage win.

The eleventh stage would be a new one for the rally with the 9.93km blast setting up a setting up a grandstand finish.

Breen and Nagle were able to bring the car home third on the final stage to finish second in the overall standings as they stood at the final stopline.

The result demonstrates the advancements that Team MRF Tyres have made in the development of their tyres.


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