F1 in Schools – Kerry students in National Finals this weekend – live broadcast on TG4 Sunday

Kerry students, participating in the F1 in Schools competition will learn their fate on Sunday night during TG4’s live broadcast of the event finals.  

The competition, which is in its 15th year in Ireland, challenges secondary school students to design, build and race their very own miniature Formula One cars.  

Two teams from St Brigid’s Presentation in Killarney have entered the competition that encourages the practical application of STEM subjects.  

Team Vroom is made up of Ella Galvin, Kayla Byrne; Ilona Sheehan and Grace Daly  

“We’re all looking forward in anticipation to the weekend here in St. Brigid’s. It’s been a roller-coaster of a journey so far and we’ve loved every moment of it. It would be the cherry on top of an already amazing cake if we were to win or receive an award this weekend.” said Team Vroom Racing’s Ilona Sheehan.  

Team Mario Cart members are Alanna Brady, Kate Donoghue, Meadhbh Bennett and Abbie Daly. 

“It’s an amazing achievement to reach the national finals of this competition. We are really proud of ourselves, no matter what the outcome is. And we hope that other students will take part in this competition if they get the opportunity to, sometime in the future,” added Meadhbh Bennett  of Team Mario Cart. 

They are just two of 56 teams from all over Ireland – Mercy Mounthawk in Tralee is also competing in the event and student Coren Hughes has been shortlisted for the ‘Engineer of the Year’ award in the national competition.  

Earlier this week, judges raced and timed the entrants’ scale model racing cars to determine an overall winner, but the students will also be judged on their engineering presentations, interviews with the judging panels and their media exposure since the competition started in November.  

“We honestly have no clue [of the result], so the nerves are very much real,” added Ilona Sheehan. 

Sunday marks the first-ever TV broadcast of the Irish event with TG4 bringing the excitement of F1 in Schools racing to homes across the country at 830pm. 



On Saturday: F1 in Schools will be announcing the winners of the following awards: 

–       Best Engineered Car 

–       Fastest Car 

–       Best Social Media 

–       Best Newcomer 

–       Best Enterprise and Pit Display 

–       Innovation Award 

–       Women in Motorsport 

–       Best Team Identity 

–       Best Verbal Presentation 

–       And Best Communicators 

On Sunday the televised National Finals will be broadcast on TG4 at 8:30PM.  This is the first time an F1 in Schools Ireland event has been broadcast on television. 

During this televised broadcast, F1 in Schools will be announcing 

–       National Champions 

–       2nd Place Overall 

–       3rd Place Overall 

–       4th Place and Collaboration Award 

–       The Facebook Engineer of the Future Award 

–       Knockout Cup Champions 


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