Kerry Motorcycling Mafia four/six

Motorcycle racing is set to return this weekend with an official but behind closed doors test session at Mondello Park

Kerry Motorsport News will preview the season by republishing a series of articles that were originally published in Road Racing Ireland magazine


Anthony O’Carroll has taken a slightly different path to his county men.

After a season at Mondello he made is his road racing debut at the delayed Cookstown 100 in September, riding his newly acquired Kawasaki 600, O’Carroll took ninth overall in the Combined Senior Support A and B race and finished second in class B.

His ambitions are more aligned with the closed road branch of the sport and he hopes to enter both the Cookstown 100 and Tandragee 100 races this year – pandemic permitting. With Irish Road Racing in doubt this season he is also considering a few Thundersport GB meetings in Britain.

He grew up in a rally household. His father Nelius is a well-known local rally driver and long-time member of Kerry Motor Club. He also grew up around the same time as the much-missed Athea Road Races were at the height of their popularity. His uncle Joseph O’Carroll is the chairman of the local No Hopers Motorcycle Club and steered him towards a career on two-wheels.

“Growing up, I was very shy, and I found it a lot easier to talk to road racers than famous rally drivers,” he recalls. “I sat in Ryan Farquhar’s van in Athea and he shared a bag of chips with me and Keith Amor. Michael Dunlop told me he would only give me his autograph if I helped load his van first.”

Cherished memories for an impressionable youngster.

“I have two ambitions, to drive the Donegal International Rally and to race on the Isle of Man,” he adds.

Two things his hero, Dunlop, has achieved to so much acclaim.

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