End the insurance rip-off Motorsport Ireland calls for government intervention

End the insurance rip-off Motorsport Ireland calls for government intervention

Motorsport Ireland President John Naylor has issued the following statement.

He wants every motor club member in Ireland (who are by default, motorists,  and/or business owners and/or home owners and/or employers and employees) to write to their local TD.

A letter which can be copy and pasted is published at the end of the article.

“As we all know, everyone in the Motorsport community has been severely affected by rising insurance costs in Ireland over the last number of years. Our volunteers and competitors, who are also all private motorists, have been forced to pay more and more as the cost of insurance gets higher, mostly because of the huge compensation payments and damages that insurance companies pay out for minor injuries in this country” said Mr Naylor.

 New Judicial Guidelines were published on Saturday, which are set to control the amount of damages awarded for personal injury claims and hence the cost of insurance. These new guidelines do not go far enough – they only bring damages for minor, fully-recovered injuries down by 52% which means we are still an outlier in Europe. An 80% reduction (compared to the previous Book of Quantum) is required to bring us in line with England and Wales and get insurance costs down to affordable levels. We need your help to call on Government to intervene.”

Dear [Your local TD],

The cost and availability of insurance remains an existential issue for us and for Irish society in general. We will not be in a position to recover from Covid-19 unless insurance is sorted. At the heart of the issue is the level of damages awarded in Ireland for minor, fully-recovered injuries which must be reduced by 80% just to bring them in line with international norms.

The Judicial Council had the opportunity to do so in their newly-adopted personal injuries guidelines, but they did not. Now it is up to Government to intervene. The Law Reform Commission has made it clear that direct intervention by the legislature to cap damages will be entirely constitutional subject to certain safeguards.

I ask you to convey to Government the need to intervene as a matter of absolute urgency for the sake of the common good; and reduce damages for minor injuries by 80%.

Please keep me updated on all progress you make on this issue.

Kind regards,


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