Green going for Gold. Three reasons why Kerry F1 fans need to support the new Aston Martin Racing team.

If the words ASTON MARTIN RACING placed together don’t excite you, the you probably should not be reading this website. 

Kerry Motorsport News has been harping on about the return of this iconic brand to Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing for a long time.

Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team revealed its 2021 FIA Formula One™ World Championship contender on Wednesday.

There are several reasons why every motor racing fan in Kerry and Ireland needs to get behind this renewed effort from the famous sports car brand. 

ONE Made by Kerry hands 

The amazing looking AM21 pictured here has a strong Kerry influence in its design.

The team’s  Senior Composite Designer is Sosanna Ni Dhubhain. Although reared in Rostrevor, County Down, her father Tomás Ó Dubháin,is originally from Smerwick Harbour in the west of the county. Sosanna spends a lot of her free time back West! 

So any one who comes from a place as beautiful as this…

 …has no trouble designing something like this…

TWO Racing Green 

British Racing Green, the official racing colours of our near neighbours is actually Irish green. 

St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner so it is the perfect time to revisit this unique part of Irish motor racing history. 

Back in 1902 the Royal Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland won the right to host the following year’s Gordon Bennett Trophy races – the fore runner to modern Grand Prix racing. 

Ireland had yet to gain independence from Britain and the Irish Automobile Club was barely two years old at this time. 

There was no real desire to host the event in Britain for some reason, but several Irish politicians elected to Westminster were not going to let the opportunity pass. The IAC was equally ambitious and, it was said at the time, that the Irish would run the event , official approval or not. 

They got their wish and a road course near Athy, County Kildare was identified. 

The British team, entered in to this famous 1903 race, were so thankful to the event organisers they painted their racing cars green as a mark of respect. British Racing Green remains the national racing colour to this day. 

British team member Charles Jarrott at the 1903 Gordon Bennett Trophy in Ireland…the first time British Racing Green was used as Britain’s national racing colours. It was also the first closed road event in Ireland, starting another craze that is still relevant today

“The AMR21, carries a striking Aston Martin Racing Green livery in recognition of Aston Martin’s traditional racing colours and glorious sporting legacy,” says Aston Martin themselves. 

THREE Jordan F1 

Speaking of green, this is probably the greatest F1 livery ever produced. 

Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One was previously known as the BWT Racing Point Team, which was previously known as Force India, which was previously known as Spyker F1, which was previously known as Midland F1, which was previously known as Jordan F1. 

That is right, there is direct Jordan lineage to this current offering. 

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