‘Icons of Irish Rallying’ in local shops on December 23 – you are going to have to be quick!

New book celebrates Icons of Irish Rallying

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A new book that will be of interest to sports and motorsports fans alike has been published. Icons of Irish Rallying provides an informal history of rallying in Ireland from the 1960s to the present day and is a compendium of personal tales produced by 75 people who have been the beating heart of rallying on the island for over the past 50 years.

The book has been compiled and published by Headfored-based Michael O’Mahoney, who is the managing director of Rentokil Initial in Ireland, which has supported Irish Rallying for a number of years, through its support of the Killarney Historic Rally.

“It is very much a labour of love and a fantastic experience to bring some great people, wonderful stories and tremendous humour into one unique volume,” said Michael O’Mahoney. “There is an incredible heritage of motorsports genius, passion and characters in Irish rallying.  It would be a great opportunity missed not to capture this while we still can.”

Icons of Irish Rallying casts a wide net over the memories, told in their own words, of a broad cross section of the drivers, co-drivers, organisers and media personalities involved in Irish Rallying from the 1960’s to the present day. One of the great aspects of rallying in Ireland is that it has always operated on an all-island basis and this is very much reflected in the book.

The books include contributions from: Rosemary Smith, Billy Coleman, Alastair Fisher, Ronan Morgan, Michael O’Carroll, Louise Aitken Walker MBE, Austin McHale, Paul Nagle and Craig Breen.

“It never set out to be a detailed record of who won what and when, but rather to capture the hidden, human and sometimes humorous tales as recounted by the people who have created and populated the landscape of Irish Rallying over the past six decades,” said Michael O’Mahony.

The volume recalls the loyalties and friendships which have endured the passage of time and tells too of the great sporting rivalries which were a feature of different eras of the sporting past.

For those who have lived through the golden days of Irish Rallying it will bring back memories of great events, great craic and great characters and for those who are more recent followers of the sport it provides an insight into the approach which a variety of household names in motorsport take towards their chosen sport.

“Above all it shows the great unifying force which rallying has been between people of all creeds and political views throughout the island of Ireland and further afield,” concluded Michael O’Mahoney.

Icons of Irish Rallying is a limited edition publication and available by texting to + 353 (089) 221 3968. It costs €25 plus post & packaging Include names, address, postal code and email address.

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