Help wanted in sourcing old rally results

Kerry Motorsport News has a favour to ask all our readers.

Kevin O’Driscoll, the man behind the official West Cork Rally book, is trying to complete his results database.

He main point of interest is the Irish Tarmac Rally Championship and particularly the Rally of the Lakes in the mid-1980s.

To complete his set he looking for

Entry lists, results and stage time for all of the below events

He has exhausted all the usual sources and maybe someone reading this will have them –  so much stuff has been uncovered during lockdown – if you can help go back to the Facebook post and leave a comment or contact Kevin direct on

 Priority 1

Rally of the Lakes 1985

Rally of the Lakes 1988 – have final placings but no times

Rally of the Lakes 1984 – currently have final classification only

Rally of the Lakes 1987 – currently have final classification only

Priority 2 (Non Tarmac Championship)

Rally of the Lakes 1979

Rally of the Lakes 1980

Rally of the Lakes 1981

Rally of the Lakes 1982

Priority 3 (Non Lakes events)

Cork 20 1978

Cork 20 1979

Cork 20 1980

Cork 20 1990

Cork 20 1991

Donegal International 1980

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