Formula Female’s ambitious plan

Formula Female’s ambitious plan

Motorsport engineer Sósanna Ní Dhubháin who has strong west Kerry roots and who is currently working with Racing Point F1 has received support and mentoring from Formula Female.

Tune into on Friday for a full feature on Sósanna Ní Dhubháin but here is some background as a lead into Friday’s feature

The organisation was set up to encourage more Irish women into motorsport, but particularly through the engineering side.

It was founded last year by Nicci Daly, a member of the Irish Hockey team that took silver in the 2018 Women’s Hockey World Cup.

Daly is the daughter of Irish Formula Ford Racing legend, the late Vivion Daly and is an experienced motorsport data engineer.

Her dream is to use motorsport as a platform to teach STEM subjects and to empower females through the visibility of powerful female role models.

“It is a great story because I also studied the same motorsport engineering course as Sósanna in Cranfield and I did my thesis with Force India at the time,” Daly said.

“Formula Female have just helped another girl from UCD get started in the same motorsport engineering course in Cranfield in September. So Sósanna was there in 2010, for her motorsport course I was there in 2013 and Pippa is now 2020. It is great to be able to continue that trend going forward by raising the awareness.”

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