BREAKING: Motorsport Ireland statement on funding applications and grant applications

Full statement

“In light of the recent announcements from Government and Sport Ireland in relation to the COVID-19 loss grants for the period end of September 2020 we would like to make the following comments.

As they pertain to Motorsport Ireland, the applicable grants were NGB’s ( €10m) and NGB’s Clubs ( €15m ) and were designed for those who suffered losses due to COVID-19 and as a result had an existential threat to their existence as a direct result of COVID-19 up to mid September 2020. 

Our NGB managed our costs prudently and renegotiated our primary costs to avoid COVID-19 losses in the period.  NGBs who were not at risk of insolvency or who had sufficient reserves available were recommended not to respond. 

As regards our affiliated clubs, we communicated with all our clubs at the time to see if they had COVID-19 related losses in the period that would lead to their insolvency and while there was one club who had directly incurred COVID-19 related losses, it was not going to threaten their existence and consequently, as recommended, the application did not progress any further. If we did have fatal losses, we would have qualified. 

We would like to say that we have experienced substantial uplift in our core funding from Sport Ireland over the past 2 years. We were awarded of €255k in the past 12 months which has been invested in young driver programmes, IT and communications infrastructure including a new online licence system, a Karting and STEM programme nationally designed to encourage girls into our sport together with the promotion of Ireland and Irish Rallying to an international audience amongst others. “

Motorsport Ireland

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