Episode One – Series Fassbender’s ‘Road to Le Mans’ on-line documentary – watch it here and now

Release date for Fassbender’s ‘Road to Le Mans’ on-line documentary

Michael Fassbender has, today, released first episode of series two of his ‘Road to Le Mans’ on-line documentary.

The series is charting his progress in the European Le Mans Series as he chased his dream to race in the legendary twice-round the clock French race next June.


So far this year local Hollywood A-lister has contested four rounds of the European Le Mans Championship – a direct feeder series to Le Mans – at the wheel of a Proton Competition Porsche Porsche 911 GT

He shares the car with Felipe Laser and former World Endurance Championship LMGTE Pro World Champion Richard Lietz in the endurance races

So far this year he has raced twice at Paul Ricard in France, once at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium and last weekend he made his Monza, Italy debut.

Start: Porsche Carrera Cup Le Mans 2020

Additionally, he has contested two Porsche Carrera Cup races, one in the Spanish Grand Prix support race in Barcelona and once at the famous Le Mans track itself.

“Anyone wanting to get to know the person behind the race driver and the race driver behind the person can see first-hand what it means to have a dream and to fight for it by watching the ‘Road to Le Mans’ documentary series: no stunt doubles and just one prop: a race car. A Porsche,” a Porsche spokesperson said. “When you watch Michael Fassbender on the track, follow his development and get to know him as a race driver and a person, you understand how conscientious he is. He meticulously seeks solutions and constantly questions himself, while his progress shows the incredible talent that he is able to unleash again and again.”

His successes and failures will be form the back bone of latest episode of ‘Road to Le Mans’

WATCH IT HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iEuyFl0NdY

Last year’s series ran to six episodes and the same is expected this season.

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