The first days of trading and Kerry Motorsport News media service is already getting results

The first week of trading beyond expectations – Kerry Motorsport News automotive media service already getting results.

This week marks the first week of Kerry Motorsport News’ new automotive media service aimed at the Kerry motor trade but already it has had some notable success.

Kerry Motorsport News’ has been following the career of young Kerry motorcycle racer Kevin Coyne since he made his debut HEL Performance British Junior Supersport Championship in July.

The only dedicated motoring and automotive website in County Kerry have promoted Coyne’s effort locally, nationally, and internationally and the results have been staggering for both parties.

Coyne hit the headlines during a race in Snetterton two weeks were he was involved in a  non-fault pitlane accident. The crash all but ruled him out of his second race of the weekend until some of the biggest names in World motorcycle racing came to his aid and fixed his Kawasaki race bike just in time for the race.

Kerry Motorsport News recognised this incredible story of sportsmanship and advised Kevin and his father Mark on best to publicise the story.

The Killarney Advertiser covered Kevin Coyne’s story

The resultant press releases, produced and distributed by Kerry Motorsport News, made nearly all of the local print media outlets in Kerry, including the Killarney Advertiser and The Kerryman.

Kevin Coyne Racing as featured in this week’s The Kerryman

Online, the story was picked up by and Radio Kerry broadcast the story during its sports news bulletins.

The story grabbed the attention of the Irish Superbike Racing Facebook page which has close on 10,000 followers.

“I offered to help Kevin and his father, Mark, a long time ago, simply because I like what they are trying to do and I know how hard it is to get recognition in motorsport,” said Kerry Motorsport News founder Sean Moriarty.

“I am happy to continue to do this free of charge to help Kevin find his feet in the motorsport world but there can be no doubt about the level of promotion we can offer anyone in the motor, motorsport or allied trades. What we have achieved with Kevin is proof of that. So, if you want your name out there in the local media, give me a call and we will work out a deal.”

Kerry Motorsport News is offering special introductory rates and plans during the month of September.

“One such offer, is a try it and see,” added Moriarty, “Let us do the work, bring back the results, like what we see here with Kevin Coyne, and then let’s discuss rates. I am that confident I will get the results I promise to deliver.”

Contact Sean on 087 6771019 for more info

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