Ojibwe Forests Rally USA get underway tonight – Quirke starts at 19 in McKenna Motorsport Fiesta

American Rallying

Kenneth Quirke will continue his American rally adventure this weekend by contesting the Ojibew Forests Rally in Minnesota.

The rally gets underway at 1400hrs local time – 2000hrs Irish time – on Friday.

The New York-based West Kerry man will co-drive for Cavan’s Gary Smith in a Ford Fiesta R2.

The pair are entered in the Minnessota-based rally under the McKenna Motorsport banner.

Quirke’s hopes of contesting Rally Colorado were dashed two weeks ago when his driver for that event pulled his entry at the last minute.

He will be hoping for better luck this weekend as Smith took fourth overall in Colorado. They are seeded 19th for Rally America national series event.

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