Official name for Moll’s Gap tunnel revealed

Official name for Moll’s Gap tunnel revealed

Here is a pub quiz question for you.

Do you know the official name of the tunnel on the famous Moll’s Gap rally stage?

The well-known landmark is around six kilometres into the stage, just after where the road skirts the flimsy border wall at the edge of Upper Lake.

Every rally driver and fan in the country knows it but how many actually know the official name for the tunnel.

Recently, Kerry County Council issued a press release advising motorists that the Moll’s Gap Road would have to be closed to traffic to allow repairs to the protection wall.

The road closure should come into effect on February 26 and run until March 16 but the recent storm damage on the proposed diversion road near Loo Bridge (on the Kenmare to Kilgarvan road) may force the council to postpone these works.

Nevertheless, the council’s official notice, regarding this proposed road closure, revealed the official name for the landmark tunnel.

The statement read: “ The purpose of the road closure is to allow repair works to be completed on a section of partially collapsed retaining wall on the N71 in the townland of Gortroe which is located approximately 100m south of Newfoundland Bay Tunnel. The road is narrow at this location so a road closure will be required to complete the works safely.”

So, there you have it.

Our next mission is to find out how ‘The Round of Beef’ got its name.  

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