Historic rally promoted in Belgium

BELGIUM PROMOTION: London-based Killarney man Mick Smith promoting the Rentokil-Initial Killarney Historic Rally in Belgium last weekend. Photo by: Sean Moriarty

Belgium Rallying

London-based Killarney man Mick Smith did not start last Sunday’s Hemicuda Rally in Belgium. He was forced to withdraw his entry at the last minute as he ran out of time preparing the car for Kokelare-based event. A crack at the Historic Rally in November remains on target. Smith travelled to Belgium anyway and used his free time to promote the Killarney-based rally to Belgian, Dutch and British drivers.

Legendary Belgian driver Paul Lietaer has expressed a huge interest in contesting the November 30 historic rally in his Ford Escort Mk2. He first came to Killarney in 1984, driving a Talbot Sunbeam and two years late in a Manta 400. His last appearance in Kerry was during the 1998 Rally of the Lakes in a Ford Escort.

Other local drivers were keen to come , either for this year’s Historic Rally or next year’s Rally of the Lakes but the continuing uncertainty of Brexit is preventing them from making a decision.

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