BREAKING: Return to Irish rallying document published – entry fee for nine-stage, one-day rally set at €1000

The entry fee for a one day rally (three stages done three times) has been set at €1000 by Motorsport Ireland.

The governing body issued its “Return to Rallying” document to all club secretaries on Tuesday night.

In the letter MI said it was “envisaging a soft return to the sport” and that events would be restricted to one day only. 

The first type of event that will be permitted is a “gated” rallysprint with entries for such events set at €210.

Forestry rallies, deemed as partially gated, are next on the schedule and will cost €850 to enter – only two stages run two times will be permitted for gravel events at this price. Forest rallies with three stages run twice will cost €900.

Under the new guidelines, national rallies – two stages done three times – will cost  €800 to enter while a new style international rally (single day – three x three format like previous national rallies) will cost €1000. 

The prices were approved by the Rallies Commission who said the prices were fixed  to prevent  “discounting of events” 

“We acknowledge that competitors will be paying more for entries,” said the letter seen by Kerry Motorsport News, “However, at a time like this, the clubs needs and deserve the financial security to run  viable and safe events.”

The controversial tracking system, voted down by competitors at the start of the 2020 season on cost grounds, has been included in the new fixed price structure. 

There has been no fixed date set for a return of the sport in Ireland.

“We are working closely with Sport Ireland on the process to be ready when the time is right,” said the letter. 

Finally and most interestingly, the letter confirmed that these moves mean that MI requires: “the temporary suspension of some of our rules.”

Please comment below or on our social media channels if you have views on this. 

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